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Computer Solutions of Marin

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Email: Computer Solutions of Marin

Miracles On Demand

We will provide the services listed below and more with a friendly non-abrasive attitude.
Our job is to make your job easier without confusing you.
We will listen to you to help us determine the solution to your computer problem.
We will explain what is happening on your computer in English, Not Techno-Babble.

Our Services:

• We offer in shop, phone consultations and on site solutions for your computer problems.

• We work with small to medium sized businesses, residential and virtual offices.

• We can setup home and commercial networks using Ethernet and Wireless to share Internet connections, printers and files.

• Tutoring newcomers on the basics of Microsoft Office, Intuit’s Quicken and QuickBooks, Internet surfing and e-mail.

• We can also troubleshoot a wide range of software and operating systems errors.

• We help you in the decision process for buying a new computer based on your needs.

• Data transfer from one machine to another.

• New software installations.

• Take care of virus issues.

• Data backup and restoration:
windows For on line backups (PC) Click HERE

Apple For on line backups (MAC) Click HERE

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